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This site CANNOT replace or provide you with the
services of an ISP.  It can only provide mail forwarding
and space for a small web page.

Mail Forwarding:
Mail forwarding works like this: This site advertizes
itself to the internet as "".  If you send
mail to  it will come to this
domain.  With this site I can establish a (practically)
infinite number of mail aliases.  The mail alias will
have two parts: the name on the domain,
and the *real* mail address which should receive that

Click here for a diagram.

For example if my real mail address is:
I can set up a mail alias (on the domain)
called  which forwards all mail addressed
to  to

Thus I would still log in to and get my
mail from my account, but I
could tell people that my e-mail address is:

In reality what happens is the mail goes from the
sender to the domain.  Then the
domain turns around and bounces it to the real mail
address.  The mail itself never actually stops at (thus, in case you have privacy concerns,
I can't ever read your mail).

There is no limit to the number of forwarding addresses
I can set up so you can have several aliases at (for example I am both 
and ).  If someone sends to the
wrong first name at (for example
) then the mail goes to the
administrative account which I administer.  This is
the one exception to me not being able to read your
mail.  If this were to happen I would send the mail
back to the sender saying they've used the wrong

To set up a mail forward from simply
send me the aliases (the names you'll use on and where you want them to forward to
(your ISP e-mail addresses).  Also let me know if you
want to be listed on the directory on the home page
of (

Web pages:
You can also have a web page at, but that
will behave a little differently.  In this case I will
have to be a little more involved.  You'll have to
mail me your web page and any elements which *must*
be on the domain (actually I can't think
of anything else which must be on, but
maybe I'm forgetting something).  I'll create a
directory for you, and set up your web page.

In this case what you'll do is have your first page
at[your-name-here]/  and
then any links off of this page will simply point to
your real web site's address (this is easy to do, and
if you don't know I can show you how to do it).

If you have any question about any of this feel free to send me mail. If you want to go ahead and set up email forwards or a web site then send me mail and let me know what names you want.

Last update:   Friday, May 3, 2000